How Cheating Spouse Use ‘This Hitler Strategy’ To Make Their Lies Believable.

When I think of the greatest liar of all time then…

I think of Hitler.

He was so good at lying that Germans actually believed in him. They never doubted him. They believed that he can conquer the whole world.

At that time, Germans believed the unbelievable. When most of the superpower countries are against you, then you need to be insane to believe that one country can conquer the whole world.

Can’t say I blame them either.

When a person earns an absolute trust then other people become like a slave. Not physically but mentally. They do everything they are told to do and believe in everything they are asked to believe.

So, how did Hitler earned such massive trust?

Germany had lost World War 1. All the countries blamed Germany for it. They bullied Germany and took resources away from it.

The result: Germans became extremely poor and they couldn’t provide themselves with basic needs like food.

Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash

Then enters Hitler. He carried an aura of “feel good dictator”. He made Germans believed that the state was there to take care of them.

He gave huge tax breaks and introduced social benefits. When Germany was struggling financially due to war, he never raised taxes during his 12 years of power. He offered soldiers double the salaries & benefits that Americans & British were receiving.

The lesson of the story is if you want to manipulate someone or make them believe in a lie, then provide them with the things they desperately.

And you know what?

Hitler may have died a long ago but his traits can be found in many of us. Some of us are equipped with these manipulation tactics.

If there is a Hitler then, it's obvious that there will be followers as well. These followers believe everything they are asked to believe.

For e.g: Some parents believe that their children aren’t taking drugs, in spite of the fact that there is clear evidence. They completely deny it.

These Hitler traits are quite similar in a relationship. Some people give their absolute trust in their partner. That’s why the betrayed spouses completely believe in their cheating spouses.

Maybe they regard their spouse as the most important person in their life( their perception can be completely wrong by the way ). The more important a person is in our eyes the more we tend to believe them.

So, what can be done to challenge these lies?

The key to safeguard ourselves from lies is to recognize the liars for what they are. Analyze their mindset. If possible learn everything about them.

By doing so, we can separate ourselves from the behaviors in a way that protects our physical and mental well being.

It will be a massive emotional boost for us. It will give us confidence that we can survive any crisis and face any people.



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